Thursday, January 28, 2010

Met with the domestic adoption agency today

Today we drove 3 hours round trip to meet with the International adoption agency. Within 10 minutes I was told we don't qualify for the Korea program which I had my heart set on. I'm just so disappointed right now. They told us the only programs we qualify for are Ethiopia, Russia, and Republic of Georgia. I hate to say it, but I don't really have any interest in adopting from those countries.We were looking into Korea or China, but do to a medical condition, we don't qualify.  It just broke my heart  :-(

Now we have a meeting with the domestic adoption agency scheduled for 2/19. I am very interested in talking to them, though I do have some concerns about adopting from the US. I am concerned that the birth mom may change her mind and decide to parent the child them self. On one hand I would rather see a parent raise their own child if they can, but I would be heartbroken to get my hopes up to adopt a child and then have the birth mom decide to parent and we have put all our heart and energy into preparing for that child only to end up heartbroken.

I was watching Mercy last night and a situation similar to that happened. My mom had a good friend who adopted a child and 6 months later the birth mom decided she wanted to parent and they had to give the child back. They were completely heartbroken.

Well now we just wait to talk to the domestic adoption agency and see what they have to say. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes it's just hard to understand that reason while you are going through it.