Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well Thursday will be spent contacting adoption agencies...

Called the Social Security office as a co-worker had adopted her two kids through them but from a different county. They told me all the did was fostering and most of it was short term, if I wanted to go the adoption route I would have to call an adoption agency :-(

They did give me about 3 names and numbers for local agencies to call. I have been trying to do research online for them, and then will call Thursday and see if they can send me some information. I'm just hoping some of them are reasonable in price. I have seen adoptions fee's go so high.

There is just so much information out there, it's overwhelming. We just finally got done paying all our medical bills from my surgery and the 6 IUI's we did. We wanted that to be behind us before moving on to the next step.

Oh and yet ANOTHER co-worker is pregnant. I'm so happy for her, but so sad for us (I know that sounds selfish, but I so want a child) I just hope this adoption thing works out so our dreams of raising a child can come true :-)

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