Thursday, July 2, 2009

Everything seemed to look well this morning. The nurse was happy about how things are turning out. This cycle I have three mature follies and my lining is much better. Last time I had only one mature follie and my lining was on the thinner side.

I had my trigger shot done and my blood drawn. Then I went back home and back to sleep. It was way to early to get up. lol!

We are having our IUI tomorrow morning. The nurse seems hopeful, but I am trying to stay hopeful as well, but it's harder for me.

Hopefully tomorrow will go well and then I have to go to work afterwards from 12-5:30. Then this weekend is going to be full of house cleaning since we are having company for a week :-)

Please keep me in your thoughts if you can. Thanks!!!


callmemama said...

Here from LFCA :)

Good luck on your IUI tomorrow!

Pie said...

Keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck with the IUI!