Friday, June 26, 2009

So I've decided to revive this blog-

I've been gone awhile. I decided to go on a ttc hiatis for about a year after my miscarriage. We weren't not trying during that time, but we took a break from ttc with help from the reproductive endocrinologist. I just couldn't deal with everything at this time. I was so depressed from my miscarriage and needed time to heal...never thought I would need a year, but I guess that's what it took.

So this year we started TTC again with the help of our NEW Reproductive Endocrinologist.

Jan-Decided to go talk to the RE again-decided to try IUI again.
Feb-First IUI w/ clomid and ovidrul-BFN
March-Second IUI w/ clomid and ovidrul-BFN
April-Third IUI w/ clomid and ovidrul-BFN

May-After third consecutive IUI w/ BFN, the RE thinks Endometriosis may be the problem.
Set up Laparoscopic surgery. Have Lap in May and does find a small amount of endo, removes it does second HSG (had one back in '07) thankfully this time I was under anesthesia, I am never doing another HSG not under again.

June-Fourth IUI now w/ femera and ovidrul-BFN
July-???-Had b/w done yesterday and started my femera for this cycle. Having b/w and ultrasound done next Thursday July 2nd. Hopefully can have IUI done Friday (I'm hoping). Then we will see what this cycle will bring

I told them that we will only be doing two more IUI's (including this one) that's all I think I can emotionally take. It's too hard getting BFN's month after month. Plus the medical bills are racking up like crazy. Luckily we live off dh's paycheck and mine goes strictly to paying for medical bills or our savings acct. They suggested IVF as our next step, but right now we can't shell out the 10-15 grand per cycle to have it done and we don't like to have debt to pay we like to pay for things outright so right now it's just not in the cards :-(

So please pray that one of these next two cycles takes so we won't have to think about what to do next (though we are leaning towards adoption, just will have to save up for it)

Hopefully blogging about this again will help....