Thursday, October 11, 2007

My RE appt today....

Today we had another RE appt. found out Dh's sperm may have something to do with some of our infertility issues. He went over all the numbers, etc. with us but it was a bit overwhelming.

We decided to start with IUI and clomid. I had an ultrasound done today since I am on CD. I go back next friday for another one. This cycle was only 20 days I was 6 days early this has NEVER happened to me b/f. I am on clomid cd 3-7. I have to call them and ask some more questions.

I have to find out when to take my trigger shot, they said they would let me know and when dh is supposed to go in for his sample and the washing, etc. I am guessing it will be after the second ultrasound. I am so new to this and don't understand al of it. lol! For those who have used the trigger shot, is it hard to give it to yourself?

The clomid was cheap 3 bucks or so, but the trigger shot cost me 147. Guess it's the start of the financial stuff this will cost. I don't know how you girls who do IVF do it financially.

We are going to do IUI for three cycles and if no pregnancy do laproscopic surgery. I guess we'll see what happens. I'm excited, nervous, etc. All these different emotions are going on right now.