Sunday, September 30, 2007

Next appt with RE

I have my next appt with our RE on Oct 11, 2007. Please wish us luck. I haven't heard back from them about the rest of my b/w results or dh's SA results which is frustrating. I am excited to have an appt with dh to talk to him on 10/11. I am so ready to get this started again. Dh and I are still having NO luck on our own. Unfortunately I will be past my fertile period by the time we go in to talk to him. :-(

I am getting no support from the two people I work with who mean a lot to me and this is very hard for me. They think my ttc is a mistake. They say this b/c they love me and are worried about me, but it is still hard on me as I need support from those I love during times like this. They are worried about my health and the babies if I get preg. They have said this since that whole thing happened during my hsg. They think that if that happened to me what will happen while I am preg. or in labor. They think we should just adopt instead. Which if we cannot have children for some reason we will definitely do.

I am going to sit down and talk to me RE and make sure that I can handle all of this and can deal with this as I want this SO BADLY right now. That he thinks I can handle this and I will be okay. I just need prayers right now on how to deal with all this emotionally.

Thank you so much!